New Releases 2016

Willie Stratton

Pale Dian "Narrow Birth"

Pink Slip Daddy "Viva Fabian & More!"

Surgeon Marta "Damned Sweet"/"Pu Num Tu"

50 Foot Wave "Bath White"

Ether Feather

The Steady Rock "Five Flippin' Ways"

The Brothers Collective

Analisa Corral "Itchy Skin"

Michaela Paige "Never Gonna Get Me Back," "You Better Run,""Don't Walk Away"

Maria Mia "All For You"

Beate "HighOnLow"

Graydawgy & Tom Buffalo "Used To"/"Balloon"

Stix Hooper & more "Friends Across The Pond: A Tribute To George Shearing"

Christy Coobatis "Orchestral Selections, Vol. 2"

Ian & The Dream "New Dreams"

Puro Instinct "Auto Drama"

Emcee Irwin

Tight Squeeze

Crispin Schroeder "Following Branches Down To The Roots"

The Volcanics "Stompin' Garage"

Joe Perry & Terry Reid "I'll Do Happiness"

Little Caesar "Live"

The Adobe Collective "Take Heart, Take Care"

Danny Nucci "Oh Momma"

Do Low "On My Block," "All About The Rhythm," "Clap It Up"

The Mighty Tears Of Joy "Love, Love"/"What Would I Do"


clipping "Wriggle"

Joe City Garcia/Urban Desert Cabaret "Shadow Of A Ghost"

Mount Cyanide featuring Do Low "Whole Gang O Weed"

Tim Kasher "No Resolution"

Joonie Chae "Pressin' On"

Darren Longman "Dry The Well"

Glam Skanks

Phillip Rosenberg "Rabbit Holes"


The Strands "Rough Out There"

The Monkees "Good Times"

Reissues 2016

The Turtles "Happy Together"

The Turtles "It Ain't Me Babe"

The Turtles "You Babe"

The Turtles "Battle Of The Bands"

The Turtles "Turtle Soup"

The Turtles "Wooden Head"

The Turtles "Singles"

Fleetwood Mac "Mirage"

The Zombies "Radio Recordings"

Marvin Gardens

T-Rex "T-Rex"

Terry Dolan

Bette Midler "The Divine Miss M"


Soundtracks/Soundtrack Reissues 2016

Brian Reitzell/Various "Kicks"



New Releases 2015

Finneas O'Connell "Montrose"

The Strand "Entanglement"

Stix Hooper "A Jazz Moment In Time/Solvang"

Creature And The Woods

Justine Dorsey "Singles"

Joe City Garcia/Urban Desert Cabaret

Project Tom Buffalo "Better Days"

Sounds Of Sunrise "I Believe"

Wild Moccasins "8892" digital deluxe

RYN "Another Night"/"Holding On"

Jane Antonia Cornish "Continuum"

Kreach "Closer"/"Mistah Deejay", "Fall In Love," "Showdown," "Basshead (Remix)"

Stix Hooper "We Went West"

United Ghosts "Out Of Love" (Black Windmill Dub Mix)

Stix Hooper "Live In LA"

Ryan Martin "Gimme Some Light"

Nocona "Long Gone Song"

Claire Alys "EP"

Tommy Keene "Laugh In The Dark"

Alexa Merrill "Heart-Shaped Clock"

Marcos Zeeba "EP"

Labor Camp "Musica Divina & Humana"

Max Cady "Killing Me"

Eliza Noxon "Forget To Forget"/"Hummingbird"

Patricia Krebs "AMUZIKANTO"

Boss Fink

Junkyard "River Song"/"Faded"

The Dark Matters "Greetings From A Scorched Earth"

Sarah Ault "Flesh And Blood And Bone"/"Like Home"

Project Tom Buffalo "EP"

Redd Kross "Teen Babes"

Marshall Barnes "Turnip"

The Fall Four

Hello Kitty On Ice

Ben Vaughn Quintet "Five By Five"

Lard Dog & Band Of Shy "Life's A Real Dream"

Drinking Flowers

Flames Of Durga

Obey The Wolves

The Cellars "Phases"

Peter Kavanaugh "Whisper Not"

Reissues 2015

Robin Gibb "Saved By The Bell - The Collected Works" Box

a-ha "Hunting High And Low" Ultra-Deluxe Box

Garbage "Singles Remasters"

Sparks "Rest Of Sparks"

Sparks "Big Beat"

Sparks "Indiscreet"

Sparks "Propaganda"

Faces "1970-1975: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing, Or Anything..."

Zombies "Radio Recordings"

Lee Michaels "Carnival of Life"

Lee Michaels "Recital"

Lee Michaels "Lee Michaels"

Lee Michaels "Barrel"

Lee Michaels "5th"

Lee Michaels "Space And First Takes"

Lee Michaels "Live"

Lee Michaels "Absolute Lee Michaels"

Lee Michaels "Heighty Hi"

Faith No More "We Care Alot"

Them "Complete Them 1964-7"

Four Seasons "Four Seasons Greetings"

Four Seasons "Sherry And 11 Others"

Four Seasons "Big Girls Don't Cry And 12 Others"

The Easybeats "Good Friday"

Fleetwood Mac "Tusk - Super Deluxe Edition"

Them "Them"

Them "Angry Young Them"

The Quick "Untold Rock Stories"

Repp Giles Band "Do You Feel Like Me"

Soundtrack/soundtrack reissues 2015

Jerry Goldsmith "Take A Hard Ride"

James Horner "Cocoon 2: The Return"

Various "Tales Of Halloween"

Eric Neveux "Wulu




Eels "Live At Royal Albert Hall"

Nikolas Degas "Kardashian Famous"

Johnny Indovina "Trials Of The Writer"

Ethan Goodman "Buoyancy"

Ethan Goodman "Motorcycles"

Bigelf "Into The Maelstrom"

Peachblack "Gray Matters"

Michael Nesmith "Movies Of The Mind"

Demi Lovato "I Don't Care"/"Neon Lights"/"Nightingale"

Naama Kates

R5 "Rock The Rock"

Brave Black Sea "Fragments"

Jace Hall "Planetside"

Okapi Sun

Nocona "Beverly Hills Blues"

The Usual Suspects

Chuck E. Weiss "Red Beans and Weiss"

Sabina Chantouria "Spiderweb"/"Cry For Me"

Ben Vaughn "Texas Road Trip"

United Ghosts

Kids R Cruel "Saltwater"

Stix Hooper "Live In L.A."

Kurt Schellenbach "Thru The Fence, Over The Hill, Under The Radar"

Novel "H8Luv"

Ben Vaughn "Desert Trailer Sessions"

George Gullet "Me, Finally"

St. James Band

Fiction Nation

The Adobe Collective

Aaron Spacemuseum

Frankie Bourne "Californicana"

Ryan Martin "For All The Beautiful Losers"

Bop Gospel DJs


The Regal Peaches

Rose Royce "Got To Give It Up"

The Rails

The Televisionaries

Adir Tal "Drop Kick"

Danny Amis and Lost Acapulco "Shark Beach"

Lost Acapulco "Coral Riff"

Vic Ruggiero "This"

Glam Skanks

The Aahs "For You"

Shana Halligan "Wrong Way"

Traveling Suitcase

Steve Erdman "Catch That Pretzel"

Vineyard Worship "We Are One"

Anna Chase

The Paparazzi "Double Negative"

Fate Fatal

Jim Repp Group "Ground Zero With You"

Paper Tigers

Stix Hooper "West"

Joe Perry "A Very Perry Christmas"

Justin Moore

Reissues 2014

Love "Black Beauty"

Gene Clark "Two Sides To Every Story"

Morrissey "Vauxhall and I"

Love "Real To Reel"

a-ha "Stay on These Roads"

a-ha "Memorial Beach"

a-ha "East Of The Sun"

Robin Gibb "Saved By The Bell - The Collected Works"

The Monkees "The Monkees" (Super Deluxe Edition)

The Kinks "Klassics - The Best Of The Kinks"

The Kinks "Anthology 1964-71"

Sparks "Kimono My House"

Soundtracks/Soundtrack Reissues 2014

Lalo Schifrin "Enter The Dragon"

Lalo Schifrin "Bullitt"

Jerry Goldsmith "The Blue Max"

Alan Silvestri "Predator 2"

Graeme Revell "Titan AE"

Various "Queenie"

Danny Elfman "Edward Scissorhands"

Various "Planet Of The Apes" (TV)



New Releases 2013

Morrissey "Kill Uncle"

Moons Of Mars

Hurry On Sundown

Nikolas Degas "Scream & Shout"


Jim Carrey "Cold Dead Hand"/"Pecan Pie"

Transfer "The Morning" EP

Johnny Angel Wendell "She Wrecked Me"

Blade Of Grass "Be Here Now"

Scud Mountain Boys "Do You Love The Sun"

Repeater "Golden Ships EP"

Nikolas Degas "Anything Could Happen"

Rail Fan

Nocona "Overwatch"

The Beautiful View "2013 EP"

ZZ Ward "Put The Gun Down"

Pet Tigers

Chris Fields "Supersonic Man"

Anny Celsi "January"

Jaice Hall "Halo", "Need For Speed"

Jim Repp "Less Spark, More Fire"

Icarus Landing "All These Years"

Stix Hooper "Funk Project"

Hoosiers "To The Lions"

United Ghosts "Sparks From A Cold Star"/"Pretty Pictures"

Barbara Hall "Bad Man"

Bastien Gaisne "The Blue, The Jazz and The Ugly"

Nikolas Degas "Hold On" (Remix")

Kevin Laurence EP

Justin Roeland

Tommy Keene "Excitement At Your Feet"

Flaggs EP

Triptides "Predictions"

Zac Wolfe

Sarah Rabdau & The Self-Employed Assasins "Free As Thieves"

Olivia Olson & Martin Olson "The Father-Daughter Album"

Kid Cadaver

Brian Reitzell "Watch Dogs OST"

Isaac Rother "The Unspeakable Horror of..."

Not Fit

Alarma "Ripe Conditions"

Justine Dorsey "Under Construction"

Nikolas Degas "THLAL" (Inst.)

Nadir "Road Trip"

Kes The Band "Put It On"

Elana Brooke

Marshall Barnes "One Together"

Transfer "Shadow Aspect"

Hello Lisa

The Regal Peaches

80 Bug "Escape to Mt. Cyanide"

Hong Kong Fuzz "Example 001:Experiments In Sound"

Jane Antonia Cornish "Duende"

Brian Bachman "The Walkaway"

The Rails

Reissues 2013

Kinks "Lola vs. Powerman & The Money-go-round"

Kinks "Muswell Hillbillies"

Three O'Clock "The Hidden World Revealed"

The Monkees "Present"

Captain Beefheart Box

Bette Midler "The Divine Miss M"

Sparks "Best of"

Sparks "New Music For Amnesiacs" Box

Richard Pryor "No Pryor Restraint" Box

Morrissey "Your Arsenal"

Soundtracks/Soundtrack Reissues 2013

Brian Reitzell "Boss Soundtrack"

Bill Conti "I, The Jury"

Alan Silvestri "The Abyss"

James Horner "Cocoon"

"The People's Whiskey S/T"

Christy Coobatis "Orchestral Selections, Vol. 1"




Eels "Wonderful, Glorious"

The Nervous Wreckords "Let Them All Talk

Naama Kates "The Unexamined Life"

Eels "Tremendous Dynamite/Live in 2010 & 2011"

Maren Parusel "Tightrope Walker"

M.I.A. "Bad Girls" (Bass Kadet Remix)

The Baltic Coppe Cantrell "God's Project (Book ID)"

Hello Meteor

Johnny Angel Wendell "It!"

Kirsten Proffitt "My Devotion"


G. DaPonte "Lucky Days and Lucky Numbers"

Harmonic Convergence

Also Known As "Proper Villains"

Various "Path:one"

Sara Thacker "Falling Apart"

Bass Kadet "Bento Box"

Greg Lisher "Solo Album 2012"

grampadrew "Cut From The Cloth"

Swilson "Cool Skulls"

Jimmy lmmy "Live At Rockwood Music Hall"

Ms. Moxie

Tommy Santee Klaws "Of Light"

Jimmy Bennett "Time After Time"

Gotye "Somebody I Used To Know" (Bass Kadet Mix)

Diana Bravo

Sarah Rabdau "Foolish Ida"

Butcher Babies

Little Caesar

The Jim Repp Group "Sadness Is Surrender"

Billie Jack

Steve McCroskey "Brasilian Textures"

Eighty "Chasing Rainbows"

Jace Hall

Primitive Romance "Ice"/"Flags Drop"

The Glory Stompers

Marcelo Quinonez "Cabin Fever"

Various "Pitchin' The Hits" (New West)

Animal Cloud

The Who "Won't Get Fooled Again" (Josh One Remix)

Jaice "Sound Advice"

Lenski Alfred "My Life"

The Southern Ocean "Penny On The Needle"

Bill Carter "Unknown"

DJ Politik "Skinny Dippin'"/"Capitol Cities - Safe And Sound"


Otis Redding "The Complete Stax/Volt Singles"

Saint James Band

United Ghosts

Sparks "Two Hands, One Mouth"/"Mr. Hulot" single

Sparks "Two Hands, One Mouth: Live In Europe"

Shlandra Jackson & Henry Garner "Stay"

Shlandra Jackson, Henry Garner & Ron Hayes "Yo Life"

The Baron Sisters "Positive Thinker"

Blade Of Grass "Landslide"

Greg Felden "She's Already Gone"/"Take You Back Home"

The Emperors Of Wyoming"

Imani & Ta'Raach EP

Surgeon Marta "Do You Say Your Prayers At Night?"/"Damned Sweet"

London Thor "If I Live"(Marshall Barnes Remix)

Nikolas Degas "Bombs Over Capitol"(Remix)

Drosha "A Year In My Life"

Marshall Barnes "Baby Lungs"

Johnny Indovina "Trials Of The Writer"

Hills Like Elephants "Feral Flocks"

Justin Clay "Diana"

Nicole Gordon "Caught Up"

Joey Gamboa "Moments"

Josh One & Eighty "We Three Kings"

Nikolas Degas "Don't You Worry Child"


Chuck E. Weiss

"Come With Me" (Knight Crime & Marshall Barnes Remix)


The Kinks "At The BBC"

Box Set The Kinks "Waterloo Sunset: The Best Of Ray Davies And The Kinks"

Soundtracks/Soundtrack Reissues

Jerry Goldsmith "Stagecoach"

Jason Schimmel "Walk-Ins Welcome"

Danny Elfman "Planet Of The Apes"

Alfred Newman "The Robe"

Jerry Fielding "Bring Me The Head Of \ Alfredo Garcia"

John Ottman "X-Men 2"

Lalo Schifrin "My Life In Music" (4-CD set)

Leonard Roseman/Jerry Goldsmith "The Last Hard Men"

John Williams "The Fury"

Maurice Jarre "Enemy Mine"

Michael Kamen "Die Hard 2: Die Harder"

Jerry Goldsmith "The Detective"/"Von Ryan's Express"

Jerry Goldsmith "Shock Treatment"/"Fate Is The Hunter"



New releases

Goapele Remixes D.Y.S. "Wild Card"

Aaron Spacemuseum "Break-up Songs"

And Gener Neil Zaza "Clyde The Cat"

The Scarlet Furies "Live: Bury Me In Symmetry"

Exit Beat Ventriloquists "Sugar"

Fields Of Prey "Ghost", "Her", "Perfect Dark"

Aaron Freeman "Marvelous Clouds"

The Hollow Trees "Wacky's Tackle"

Trace The Darrows "Parlour Music"

Os Tyler "Fill The World"

Maren Peruse! "Artificial Gardens"

Margie Gayle "Spirit Speaks"

single FriendSlashLover "Disasteroid", "Breakin Up", "As American As Ones And Zeros"

Demo Team "Vishnu", "Shiva", "Brahma"

Boomnote Music — various compilations Neil Zaza "212"

River Rouge "Not All There Anymore"

Wild Moccasins "Skin Collision Past"

Deluxe Edi-tion K. Jackson "Allow Me To Introduce Myself"

Bill Tapia "Live At The Warner Grand Theatre"

Public Jones "The Fall"

Wires In The Walls "The Ringer"/"Soft Shirt"

The Sibleys Steve Mc Croskey "Belle Azul" "Christmas Holi-day", "Sounds Of Brazil"

Amanda Jo Williams "Mary's Big Feet"

Jace Hall "Mortal Kombat Song", "LOL Money", "I Play WOW."

Pop/Soda Die Fast Subsurfer "We Are Stars"

United Ghosts "Holes In The Night"/"Mainline To The Sun" Mike Wu "Seaside"

The Glory Stompers Count Zero "Never Be Yourself"

Stephen Ashbrook "Soap Box Set 1995-2010"

Tommy Stinson "One Man Mutiny" "2011 Warped Compilation"

Tommy Keene "Behind The Parade"

Transfer "Future Selves"

Swilson "Demonology"

Dead Feather Moon "Dark Sun"

AK And Her Kalashnikovs Human Hands "Everything Beautiful And Bright"

Patrice Pike and Friends "Live And Then Some"

Grant Ferguson "Decay And Devotion"

Never Shout Never "Time Travel"

The Emperors Of Wyoming Fish Circus "Dinner With The Commodore"

Killsonic Xue Stew And The Negro Problem "Making It"

The Beautiful View "Life Is Beautiful"

Gus Black "Fall Into You"/"With You, My Love"


Percy Sledge "The Atlantic Recordings" (4-Disc Set)

The Kinks "Arthur", "Something Else", "Face To Face"

Bobby Charles "Bobby Charles"

Paul Simon "There Goes Rhymin' Simon", "Grace-land", "Still Crazy After All These Years"

Love "Black Beauty"

Morrissey "Very Best Of"

Paul Simon "Greatest Hits, Etc.", "Live Rhymin'", "Rhythm Of The Saints"

The Kinks "Kinks", "Kinda Kinks", "Kink Kontro-versy"

Dave Davies "Hidden Treasures"

The Kinks "Kinks In Mono" (10-Disc Set)

The Monkees "Instant Replay" (3-Disc Set)

Paul Simon "One Trick Pony", "Hearts And Bones", "Songs From The Capeman", "You're The One"

Jane Harvey "The Undiscovered", "Lovely Song Bird", "Leave It To Jane", "I've Been There", "Jane Harvey Sings Sondheim"

Soundtracks/Soundtrack Reissues

Hans Zimmer "Broken Arrow"

Friedhofer/Newman "Two Flags West"/"North To Alaska"

Sol Kaplan "Destination Gobi"

Alfred Newman "A Certain Smile"

Kaplan/Harline "House On Telegraph Hill"/"Ten North Frederick"

Bernard Herrman "At 20th Century Fox" (14-Disc Box)

Jerry Goldsmith "Sleeping With The Enemy"

Brian Reitzell "Red Riding Hood"

Brian Reitzell "Red Faction Armageddon"

Brian Reitzell "Beginners"

Jerry Goldsmith "Bad Girls"

Danny Elfman "Planet Of The Apes"

Michael Kamen "Die Hard"

Shirley Walker "Space Above And Beyond" (3-Disc Set)

James Horner "Commando"

Jerry Goldsmith "The Sand Pebbles" (2-Disc Set)

Production Music Danny Pelf rey — various Pusher - various


Never Shout Never "Harmony"

Green Day "Last Of The American Girls'' (BV mixes.)

Frank Sinatra "Selections from Come Fly Away''

Frank Sinatra "Sinatra/Jobim: The Complete Re-prise"

Stuart Hamblen "The Spell Of The Yukon", ''Gospel", "Country" The Sea Of Cortez "Make It Sound''

Jonathan Wald ''PeRPLeXa"

Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang ''Clap Your Hands"

Cuchata "Amor, Cambio y La Verdad"

Young Agent Jones "Just Don't Want You To Go"

The Swayback City Of Progress "Rivier" "99/44 100% Dead"/"High Time"

Big Search "Lay Of The Land"

Nervous Wrechords "Valuminium"

Julie Walehwa "I Mind"/"End Of Me"

a-ha ''Scoundrel Days _ Deluxe"

a-ha "Hunting High and Low - 25th Anniversary"

a-ha "25"

Against Me "Single Tracks"

Jigsaw Seen ''Bananas Foster"

Overly Green Harold Henkel "II Flagrante" "Three Faces Of Eve"/Snake Pit"

Various ''2010 Warped Compilation"

Beat Ventriloquists ''Goodnight Memory"

EP Zoo Seven "Lifesaver"

Deep Purple "Come Taste The Band" "These Thousand Hills"/"The Proud Ones"

Midnight Rivals "Nitty Gritty"

Never Shout Never "Harmony"

Blonde Goblin "Worlds To Burn"

Frank Sinatra "September Of My Years"

Morrissey "Bona Drag"

Rosemary's Garden Gwendolyn "Bright Light"

Glaz Wind "Stop The War"

Frank Sinatra "September Of My Years"

Morrissey "Bona Drag"

Rosemary's Garden Gwendolyn "Bright Light"

Glaz Wind "Stop The War"

The Monkees "Head"

Tenessee Ernie Ford Percy Sledge Box Set




Eels "End Times"

Los Lonely Boys "1969"

Kris Kristofferson "Live At The Olympic Theater"

Grant Lee Phillips "New Moon(Demos)"

Kinch "Collars And Sleeves"

Dennis Diken With Bell Sound "Late Music"

Sound Of The Blue Heart "Wind Of Change

Lou Barlow "Goodnight Unknown"

Ariana Delavari "Lion Of Panjshir"

Early Girl "Tangled Up"

Another Day "A Message: Pop Synth Artifacts"